The Black Bear Hotel Menu

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-Soup of the Day-£3.95 (C)(SD)(G)
Home made soup cooked daily from local produce served with a warm bread roll & butter.
-Prawn Cocktail-£4.95 (MD)(E)(CR)(G)
Mouthwatering king prawn salad served with bread & butter.
-Pate-£4.95 (G)
Served with fruit chutney, Melba toast & a dressed mixed salad.
-Fried Camembert-£4.45 (G)(M)
Breaded Camembert cheese, deep fried served with cranberry sauce & a dressed mixed  salad.
-Chicken Goujons-£4.95 (G)(E)
Breaded chicken goujons, cooked to order served with sweet chilli sauce & a dressed mixed salad.
-Whitebait-£4.95 (G)(F)
Served with bread & butter.
-Sharing Combo-£6.95 (G)(E)(F)(CR)
Breaded mushrooms, scampi, chicken goujons, onion rings & garlic bread served with BBQ or sweet chilli sauce.



-*Egg Mayonnaise- £4.25 (G)(E)(M)
-*Cheese-£4.25 (G)(E)
-*Cheese & Pickle-£4.50 (G)(E)(SD)
-*Ham & Mustard-£4.95 (G)(MD)
-*Tuna & Mayo-£4.95 (G)(F)(E)
-*Prawn & Seafood sauce-£5.25 (G)(CR)(E)
– *Crab-£6.25 (CR)(G)

*Made with freshly cut white or brown crusty bread served with a side salad (add home made chips for £1.25)



-Brie, Bacon & Cranberry-£5.95 (G)(M)
-Tuna-£5.50 (G)(F)
-Cheese & Ham-£5.95 (G)(M)
(Add home made chips for £1.25)



-*Prawns in Seafood sauce-£6.25 (CR)(E)
-*Chilli Beef-£6.25
-*Tuna Mayo-£6.25 (F)(E)
-*Cheese & Beans-£5.75

*All the above are served with butter & a side salad.


                                                                     BLACK BEAR CLASSICS

-Beef Lasagne -£6.95 (M)(SD)(G)
Made from locally sourced minced beef served with a salad garnish. (Add chips or garlic bread for £1.95)
-Chilli Beef -£7.95 (SD)
Made from locally sourced minced beef cooked in chefs own spice sauce & served with basmati rice.
-Ham, Egg & Chips -£6.95 (E)
2 thick slices of ham , 2 fried eggs & home made chips.
-Three Egg Omelette -£5.95 (E)(M)
A fluffy omelette made to order served with chips. Choose from a selection of fillings: 1 filling for a £1 & any extras for 50p each.
-Sausage, Egg & Chips -£5.95 (E)(G)
3 sausages, 2 fried eggs & home made chips.
-Beer Battered Cod -£7.95 (F)(G)(CR)(E)
Fresh cod fried in home made beer batter served with home made chips, tartare sauce & peas.
-Scampi -£8.95 (CR)(F)(G)
Breaded scampi served with home made chips, tartare sauce & peas.
-BBQ Ribs -£8.95 (G)
Half a rack of ribs served with home made chips & a salad garnish.


                                                                    GRILL & BURGERS

-Mixed Grill -£14.95
Rump steak, gammon steak, pork chop, sausage, half a grilled tomato, mushrooms & peas.
-8oz Rump Steak -£10.95 (E)
Mature rump steak cooked on a griddle to your liking served with half a tomato, a fried egg & mushrooms.
-Grilled Chicken Breast Burger -£6.95 (G)(E)
Fresh cajun spiced breast of chicken with mayonaise.
-Black Bear Stacker -£8.45 (G)(M)
1/2 pounder burger, baco, onion rings & cheese.
(All burgers & grills are served with our special home made chips & a salad garnish)



-Caesar Salad -£5.95
Made to order Caesar salad. (Add chicken or prawns for £2.00).
-Ploughmans Lunch -£8.25 (G)(M)(E)(S)
A ploughmans with ham & cheese.



-Penne Pasta -£6.95 (G)
Penne pasta served in a delicious tomato & basil sauce.
-Mushroom Risotto -£7.95 (G)(M)(SD)
Risotto of wild mushrooms served with garlic bread.
-Spinach, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Pudding -£7.95 (G)(M)(E)(S)
A suet pudding stuffed with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & spinach served with new potatoes & seasonal veg.



-Pan Fried Salmon Steak -£10.95 (M)(F) (CR)(MS)(S)(G)
Crisp pan fried salmon steak on a bed of crushed new potatoes, parsley, shallots & leek in a shell fish sauce.
-Sea Bass -£10.95 (F)
Pan fried sea bass fillet on a bed of petit pois & shallot risotto drizzled with basil & coriander oil.
-Bouillabaisse -£9.95 (M)(F)(CR)(MS)(G)
A fish & shell fish stew (consisting of Seabass, Salmon, Cod & Muscles) flavoured with  saffron & herbs served with mash.
-Grilled Tuna Steak -£8.95 (G)(F)(MD)
Grilled fresh tuna steak on a bed of nicoise salad.
-Crab Linguine -£9.95 (G)(CR)
Dorset crab meat cooked in a delicious tomato & basil sauce. (Please check for availability on seafood dishes)



-Homemade Chips -£2.25
-Onion Rings -£2.95 (G)
-Breaded Mushrooms -£3.95 (G)
-Cheesy Chips – £2.75 (G)
-Garlic Bread -£1.95
-Cheesy Garlic Bread -£2.45 (G)(M)
-Seasonal Vegetables -£2.95
-Bread & Butter -£1.50

(G) Gluten, (P) Peanuts, (N) Nuts, (M) Milk, (S) Soys, (MD) Molluscs, (SS) Sesame Seeds, (CR) Crustaceans, (C) Celery, (SD) Sulphur Dioxide, (F) Fish.

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